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Flex Mechanical fabricates ductwork in house using state of the art coil line, TDC/TDF,  and plasma cutting machinery, alongside various other equipment to fabricate and install ductwork to plan/spec and SMACNA standards.


With over 30 years combined experience, Flex Mechanical is well versed in all aspects of HVAC construction installations including ductwork, air distribution, split systems, VAVs, VRF(variable refrigerant flow),ERVs, DOAS, WSHPs, Fluid Coolers, Pumps, Glycol Systems, etc. We have strong relationships with industry manufacturers, wholesalers, and representatives. If your project calls for equipment with extensive lead times we can leverage these relationships to provide alternate options that will meet or exceed specifications. 


Flex Mechanical has extensive experience with plumbing systems and equipment whether you need a new pantry for a corporate office, or a new construction restaurant, we can handle it all. 


At Flex Mechanical we offer Preventative Maintenance agreements for commercial, retail, and residential clients. Let us take care of your filter changes and annual maintenance to ensure your buildings systems provide their full life cycle.  

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